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With world population projected to top 7 billion sometime this year, we are compelled to ask the critical question, How we can ensure a good quality of life for all while protecting the natural environment that sustains us? Population Action International (PAI), one of the best-known independent policy advocacy groups addressing this question in the United States, works to ensure that every person has the right and access to sexual and reproductive health so that humanity and the environment can exist in balance and fewer people live in poverty. With these unrestricted funds, PAI would advance its mission: to strengthen U.S. commitment to international family planning and reproductive health; conduct evidence-based advocacy; highlight population as a key factor in reducing poverty and sustaining the environment; and help build the capacity of civil society organizations in developing countries to advance and advocate for a range of population, family planning, and reproductive health issues. PAI's efforts will lead to more and better-used resources to meet the family planning needs of women and families worldwide and a more universal, sophisticated understanding of how these investments narrow the environmental crisis, reduce poverty, promote equity, and improve human health and well-being.
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for support of in-country advocacy partnerships  
This grant will support Population Action International (PAI) to implement the Reproductive Health Advocacy Partnership (RHAP) in Zambia and Malawi. Through multiyear general operating support and sustained technical assistance, PAI partners with civil society organizations (CSOs) to invest in their institutional and advocacy capacity using a principled approach grounded in flexibility, shared learning, and mutual accountability. Through this approach, CSOs aim to advance sexual and reproductive health policies and funding at the country and regional levels. During the grant period, PAI and CSO partners seek to influence philanthropic practice by documenting and disseminating best practices from the RHAP model. (Substrategy: Local Advocacy)
for improving government accountability for family planning services and supplies in Africa  
Population Action International (PAI) works to ensure universal access to quality reproductive health care, including family planning, around the world. This grant will support PAI’s work with civil society organizations in East and West Africa to test a common framework to track national spending in family planning in seven countries. PAI and its local partners will use this information in national and regional advocacy efforts to strengthen accountability of national governments for commitments they have made to improve the provision of these services.

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