For A Teacher Professional Development Portal On Online Project Based Learning

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The Buck Institute for Education is dedicated to improving twenty-first-century teaching and learning worldwide by creating and disseminating products, practices, and knowledge for effective project-based learning. This project proposes the creation and evaluation of an online professional development portal (PBLU.org) that will knit together existing and new content about project-based learning and Web technology. This will build teachers’ capacities to create, plan, conduct, and assess high-quality project-based learning, with a focus on deeper learning and the Common Core State Standards. It also will encourage teachers to build a free library of high-quality, classroom-proven projects, as well as to create and sustain a professional community dedicated to these teaching methods.
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3 Hamilton Landing Suite 220, Novato, CA, 94949, United States
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for designing a performance assessment system and content platform for OER PBL curricular units  
PBLWorks builds capacity among teachers, school leaders, and school system leaders to design, implement, and facilitate project-based learning (PBL), an instructional approach in which students work collaboratively to investigate rigorous, authentic, and complex challenges aligned to grade level and subject area standards. To achieve this, PBLWorks is designing and delivering Open Educational Resource (OER) PBL units, paired with professional development and enabled by an online platform. This grant supports strategic planning and the generation of an aligned performance assessment system for these PBL units. (Substrategy: Content Tools and Services)
for the development of a deeper learning math curriculum  
The Institute proposes to develop a state-of-the-art open curriculum for Common Core standards in middle school math. Richer and far more applied than any math curriculum in the market, it will support all aspects of deeper learning.
for an online portal for teacher professional development in project-based learning  
The Buck Institute provides professional development to more than 10,000 teachers a year. Renewed support would further this initiative to create and evaluate an online portal for teacher professional development (PBLU.org) dedicated to project-based learning and Web technology. The emphasis of this tie-off grant is to improve instruction in deeper learning and the Common Core.

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