Partners in Population and Development

For Building The Capacity Of African Policy Makers For Reproductive Health Issues

The grant would allow Partners in Population and Development’s Africa Regional Office (PPD ARO) to advocate for increased funding and improved policies for family planning and reproductive health and to hold African governments accountable for progress against commitments made through such international agreements as the Family Planning Summit (FP2020) and the Maputo Plan of Action. Since its inception in 2007, PPD ARO has used its relationships with African policy makers to develop high-level leadership for family planning and reproductive health in the fourteen member countries, and contributed to several policy wins such as securing approval for community health workers to provide injectable contraceptives in Uganda. During the grant period, PPD ARO plans to increase its regional impact by focusing on specific funding and policy targets and engaging with key decision makers and influential leaders.
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Statistics House 9 Colville Street P.O. Box 2666, Kampala, Uganda
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for building the capacity of African policymakers for reproductive health issues  
Partners is Population and Development Africa Regional Office (PPD ARO) is part of a global South-South intergovernmental alliance which provides a platform for the promotion of and resources mobilization for reproductive health, population and development in Africa through the following three elements: 1) policy dialogue; 2) networking and building strategic partnerships in the region; and 3) sharing of experiences and good practices. PPD ARO will continue to advance family planning and reproductive health (FPRH) issues in Africa by building capacity of African member nations through South-South efforts, increasing attention to measurable policy and funding outcomes, and investing in improved accountability for FPRH commitments.

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