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For Philanthropy Advancing Women's Human Rights

This grant to Panorama Global will support Philanthropy Advancing Women’s Human Rights (PAWHR), an independent women’s rights funder collaborative. This grant will allow PAWHR to support its members to learn, collaborate, and leverage more and better resources for the women’s rights field. PAWHR will pursue these objectives through diverse activities like member meetings, data and evidence gathering, member-led working groups, aligned funding, strategic partnerships, and leveraging resources like the pooled fund and other funds. (Strategy: Women’s Economic Empowerment)
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2101 4th Avenue, Suite 2100, Seattle, WA, 98121, United States
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for support of the nonprofit infrastructure and learning community of philanthropic serving organizations  
Panorama Global is a platform for accelerating social change that unites nonprofits, philanthropists, and other partners across a wide range of social issues. Panorama and its partners believe in a shared vision that pressing social problems can be solved more efficiently, equitably, and sustainably through collaborative approaches. Panorama works alongside its partners to support strategy development and execution, provide infrastructure, and offer fiscal sponsorship services. Under the Knowledge for Better Philanthropy strategy, this grant is for project support of the Collaborative Learning from Impact Philanthropy initiative.

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