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For A Program To Support Citizen Engagement In Extractive Industry And Budget Processes In Senegal

Oxfam works closely with local civil society organizations to promote transparency of government revenues and spending and increase public participation in decisions about how public resources are allocated and spent. In the next two years, Oxfam will work with local organizations in Senegal to ensure that communities in extractive areas participate in and benefit from resource extraction. This grant will enable Oxfam to mobilize and build the capacity of citizens in extractive communities and create opportunities for them to participate in the management and allocation of extractive revenues.
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for the Power and Money program  
Oxfam America’s Power and Money program promotes government and corporate transparency and creates opportunities for citizens to participate in decisions about how public revenues are generated, allocated, and spent. Oxfam advocates at the international level for stronger governance and transparency norms and works with local partners at national and subnational levels to promote effective implementation of those norms. During this grant period, Oxfam will intensify efforts to protect civic space and foster greater participation of women and minority groups in fiscal matters.

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