Décentralisation- Droits Humain - Développement Local (3D)

For Capacity-building Of Women's Organizations To Engage In Decision-making About Public Services

ONG-3D is a Senegalese organization that promotes budget transparency and builds the capacity of local citizen groups to use information about their government’s policies and development plans to demand better public services. Through this grant, the organization will design and implement a project that tests approaches for achieving gender equity in local decision making. As a result of this grant, women’s organizations in two municipalities in Senegal will have better access to budget and other information about government services in their localities, know how to interpret and use it, and who within their municipality to contact to express their priorities and concerns.
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Comico Mermoz villa No 59, Dakar, BP 47311, Senegal
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for general operating support  
ONG-3D is one of Senegal’s leading civil society organizations supporting people’s participation in democratic governance and is implementing a new strategy for strengthening its capacity, geographic reach, and impact. ONG-3D works in rural and urban areas to raise awareness and opportunity for citizen groups (women’s associations, youth groups, health and education management committees, etc.) to access and use information about government budgets, policies, plans, and performance. ONG-3D builds the confidence and capacity of citizen groups to navigate how to engage with government bodies responsible for managing resources and key services. (Strategy: Transparency, Participation, and Accountability)
for improving citizen access to fiscal information and participation in Senegal's budgeting process  
ONG-3D promotes democracy through government transparency and people’s participation in local governance in Senegal to ensure their rights to basic public services are met. This grant will support a program to improve citizens’ access to Senegal’s national budget information by creating and publishing a version of the budget that is easily understandable by citizens and that meets the standards of the International Budget Partnership for "citizen budgets." This grant will also support experimentation and mechanisms for citizen engagement in local government budget processes as Senegal decentralizes public services.
for a project to strengthen transparency and citizen engagement in public procurement in Senegal  
ONG-3D is a Senegalese organization that promotes government transparency and builds the capacity of organized citizen groups to use information about their government’s development policies and plans to demand accountability and better public services. This grant will enable ONG-3D to promote public disclosure of information about government contracts and procurement processes, build capacity of citizens to use this information to monitor the execution of public contracts, and increase participation of women-owned enterprises in public procurement.

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