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Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir (OIGC) is a multi-cultural, multi-racial vocal ensemble that performs repertoire from Black Spiritual and Gospel music traditions. Made up of sixty-five volunteer singers, the choir reaches more than 25,000 people each year through nearly forty performances, most of which are free of charge and target disenfranchised or institutionalized individuals, community groups and religious institutions, or benefits and fund-raisers on behalf of other nonprofit organizations. The organization also has a youth services and arts education program called the Youth Gospel Choir, composed of teens from the Oakland community. OIGC plans to continue its core artistic and educational activities, develop its individual donor program, and restructure its staffing with the planned departure of its long-time executive director in 2013.
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1212 Preservation Park Way, #200, Oakland, CA, 94612, United States
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Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir is dedicated to sharing Black gospel and spiritual music with diverse audiences. The organization comprises seven choirs, including the professional Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir, a community choir, and numerous youth choirs. In a typical year, the professional choir performs more than 30 concerts to audiences of more than 60,000 in theaters, schools, outdoor events, community centers, and correctional facilities. The five youth choirs and two in-school choir classes serve elementary, middle, and high school students. Together, the choirs include more than 300 adult and youth singers. This grant to Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir advances the Performing Arts Program’s Communities strategy.

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