For The Central Valley Environmental Entrepreneurs Project

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We recommend a supplemental grant to the NRDC's affiliate group, Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) for the Central Valley Environmental Entrepreneurs Project. Great strides were made in past year in launching the 'green business' network that is supportive of environmental goals in California's Central Valley. The region's three-year drought has now coincided with the economic recession. A backlash against the environmental community in an already tough political environment has resulted, and the need for a constructive business voice is thus even more critical. This supplemental grant will allow the lead consultant on this project to add to his part time hours on this project, and increase the number and scale of outreach events. NRDC and E2 have been very successful at garnering business support for environmental policies in other regions, and thus brings a wealth of experience to the Central Valley venture. (Supplemental, $25,000/1; 40% of project budget)
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