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For Analysis And Communications About Federal And State College- And Career-readiness Policies

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The New America Foundation will research, identify, and promote policies that advance deeper learning and improve student success in K-12 and higher education. Its work starts with the recognition that the Common Core standards are a critical step toward giving all students access to deeper learning. From this foundation, New America will conduct research, policy analysis, and strategic communication in three areas: (1) new measures of career readiness that ensure schools give students multiple paths to success; (2) new state and federal accountability policies that create strong incentives for implementing the Common Core at the state, local, and classroom levels; and (3) policies for strengthening the alignment between postsecondary academic standards and the Common Core. New America’s research and findings will be communicated through multiple outlets including live events, electronic and print media, and social media.
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740 15th Street NW, Unit 900, Washington, DC, 20005, United States
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for #ShareTheMicInCyber  
In 2020, #ShareTheMicInCyber was launched as a volunteer movement aiming to build a more diverse and effective cybersecurity field. The volunteer #ShareTheMicInCyber movement became widely popular. This grant supports the formalization of #ShareTheMicInCyber as a program under New America. This will enable #ShareTheMicInCyber to establish a strategic approach and structure to this work, as well as to launch a new fellowship program offering training, certifications, and research support to a diverse group of fellows. (Substrategy: Talent Pipeline)
for Replacing Neoliberalism - Imagining New Futures and the Strategies to Create Them  
New America CA is a project of New America focused on issues of racial and economic equity. Its work illuminates structural and systemic barriers to equity, seeking to reform economic opportunity and reimagine capitalism such that financial resources — from work, to income, to the public safety net — meet the needs of residents in equitable ways. Based on the belief that successful narrative change shifts power through new portrayals of people, communities, and systems, New America CA produces written content and convenes public audiences so that authentic stories, ideas, needs, and perspectives can influence broader public will and social consciousness.

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