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A grant to the Revenue Watch Institute (RWI) will support the installation of videoconferencing equipment at the new Africa Regional Office based in Accra, Ghana. RWI already benefits from access to videoconferencing equipment at its New York headquarters and London office and videoconferencing equipment in Accra would facilitate communication and reduce the need for travel between these locations. In addition, videoconferencing equipment would improve the ability for RWI staff in New York and London to provide technical assistance and mentoring to African partners and grantees.
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The Natural Resource Governance Institute promotes effective management of oil, gas, and mineral endowments to ensure that citizens of resource-rich countries benefit from these resources. At the country level, the institute works with local partners to provide training, technical assistance, and evidence to inform and improve policies and decisions about natural resource extraction and revenue allocation and use. The institute also contributes to strengthening international governance and transparency norms, notably the Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative and Open Government Partnership, and promotes uptake of those norms at the country level. The institute works in 12 resource-rich countries to accelerate the energy transition, ensure that governments get a good deal from natural resource contracts, minimize resource dependency, and address state capture. The institute also deepens implementation of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative requirements; promotes data use by civil society, media, and citizen groups for advocacy; and generates evidence to inform reforms of state-owned extractive companies. (Strategy: Inclusive Governance)

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