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For Support Of The Reproductive Rights And Health Program

This grant would support the Reproductive Rights and Health Program of the National Women's Law Center, a highly regarded, multi-issue advocacy organization that uses a range of tools-research and analysis, litigation, coalition building, and public education-to promote better reproductive rights and health policies and advance the rights of women and girls. In the coming year, it will (1) monitor implementation of health care reform legislation to ensure the maximum benefit for women's reproductive health and rights, advocating when problems are discovered; (2) promote policies to prevent unplanned pregnancy by improving access to contraception and sex education; (3) safeguard women's access to abortion, including Medicaid coverage for low-income women; (4) counter the threat of religious restrictions to women's access to reproductive health care; and (5) continue as a watchdog and resource for the pro-choice movement on federal judicial nominations.
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11 Dupont Circle, Suite 800, Washington, DC, 20036-1209, United States
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for support of the Health Care & Reproductive Rights program  
This grant will support the National Women’s Law Center’s Health & Reproductive Rights program to continue conducting litigation, legal and policy analysis, advocacy, and technical assistance in order to protect and advance laws and policies that ensure people have access to reproductive health care, including abortion and birth control. Priorities for the program include protecting the Affordable Care Act’s birth control coverage; challenging laws that allow providers to refuse services to clients; and ensuring that reproductive rights are not threatened in judicial nominations.

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