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This grant would provide support to the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association, an organization representing a diverse range of family planning providers in the United States, as it seeks to anticipate challenges facing the field of family planning and educate policymakers about these issues. It works to increase support for publicly funded family planning services for low-income families through Title X of the Public Health Services Act and Medicaid as well as provide opportunities for information sharing among its members to improve the delivery of family planning services. It is also working to ensure that contraceptive services are adequately covered in the new health care reform program and that family planning providers are prepared for changes in the health care system.
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The National Family Planning & Reproductive Health Association is the umbrella organization for the network of "safety net" family planning providers in the United States. These providers serve people who have nowhere else to go and who often need free or subsidized health care. The organization works to provide a public policy voice and technical assistance to its members, and use litigation, analysis, education, and communications to promote policies that expand access to family planning services for the poorest throughout the United States.

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