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For A Fellowship Within The Office Of Science And Technology Policy

This grant will support a fellowship position within the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy. The purpose of the fellowship position is to support steps to incorporate the use of feedback loops and citizen participation mechanisms in global development, global health, and international philanthropy.
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for supporting the OpenSciEd project  
OpenSciEd is a project fiscally sponsored by the National Center for Civic Innovation. OpenSciEd brings together states, curriculum developers, and national science education leaders and experts to create a set of robust, research-based, openly licensed K-12 science instructional materials while also building demand for these materials and support for their implementation. This initiative will address several challenges currently facing science education in the United States, including designing exemplary research-based curricula to meet new standards and supporting high-quality instruction that results in deeper learning outcomes for students. (Substrategy: Content, Tools, and Services)
for improving the accessibility of OpenSciEd materials  
OpenSciEd, a project housed within the National Center for Civic Innovation, is developing hands-on science instructional materials and teacher supports aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. These resources are openly licensed and freely available to all teachers, schools, and districts. With this grant, OpenSciEd will collaborate with the Inclusive Design Research Centre to identify strategies to address the needs of students with learning differences. Together, they will develop, learn, and disseminate products and technologies that will benefit all students, particularly those with disabilities. (Substrategy: Content, Tools, and Services)
for a program to strengthen international data collaboratives and increase responsible data sharing  
The National Center for Civic Innovation serves as the fiscal sponsor for the New York University GovLab. The GovLab builds awareness and gathers operational evidence about "data collaboratives" in which participants from different sectors, in particular private companies, exchange their data to create public value. Under this grant, the GovLab will advance two goals. First, it seeks to foster more sustainable and institutionalized sharing of privately held data. Second, it seeks to build data responsibility frameworks that help data providers and users balance between the risks and benefits of using private data for public good.

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