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For Support Of The Regional Integrated Sagebrush Campaign Project

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In the early 1900s, over 16 million Sage-Grouse roamed wild across the western United States. In recent years, this game bird species has dramatically declined by over 99 percent to an estimated 140,000, with the majority of the loss occurring in the last fifteen years; the most significant threat to Sage-Grouse is oil and gas development. The Wyoming Chapter of the National Audubon Society (New York, NY) has launched a multistage campaign driven by the urgency to save this species before it is too late. Audubon will focus on (1) gathering science and data on the bird; (2) engaging with federal and state decisionmakers to promote immediate habitat protections through the Collaborative Sage-Grouse Initiative (federal) and the Sage-Grouse Task Force (Wyoming); and (3) developing an educational campaign throughout the region with its chapters in Wyoming, Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico.
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for general operating support  
This proposed general support grant to the National Audubon Society is in recognition of the outstanding work Susan Bell performed while vice president of the Hewlett Foundation. With a passionate interest in bird conservation, Susan is now a highly effective Audubon board member. This grant would support its advocacy efforts on behalf of bird conservation.
for support of the Regional Integrated Sagebrush Campaign project  
Sage grouse populations have been declining across the intermountain West due to new energy development and poor livestock grazing practices. This grant would support the Society’s work to protect sage grouse habitat in a 60 million-acre area encompassing parts of six western states.
for support of the Regional Integrated Sagebrush Campaign project  
This grant supports Audubon's work to protect habitat for sage grouse in the Northern Rockies from the impacts of energy development. The national organization has developed an innovative, scientific mapping strategy that has led to the state of Wyoming and the Bureau of Land Management adopting new plans to protect sage grouse habitat in the state and across the West. This grant would support efforts by Audubon to ensure the new strategy is applied to the remaining states that provide vital habitat for the sage grouse (CO, OR, UT, NV) and is implemented properly, obviating the need to list the bird as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

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