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The National Abortion Federation is the professional organization of abortion providers in the United States. Its membership of 400 private and nonprofit clinics provides a range of educational programs for health care professionals, including continuing medical education, clinical policy guidelines, and training sites for medical residents. Over the next two years, the Federation will focus on expanding the pool of abortion providers by reaching out to nurse practitioners, midwives, and physician assistants. It will also continue its quality-assessment program, which evaluates member facilities for compliance with rigorous standards for abortion care services. The Federation will also produce accurate scientific information about abortion and the experiences of abortion patients to demonstrate the real-life impact of restrictions on abortion access. Other Hewlett Foundation grantees report that these patient stories are essential to their pro-choice advocacy. By ensuring an adequate pool of trained providers working in high-quality health facilities and advocating for the availability of abortion as an integral part of women's health care, the Federation makes reproductive choice a concrete reality for American women.
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for general operating support  
The National Abortion Federation (NAF) is a professional organization of abortion providers in the United States that provides accreditation and security assistance to abortion care facilities, as well as ongoing education and training for abortion care providers. NAF’s priorities are to protect abortion providers from violence and harassment; ensure the highest-quality care is provided in member facilities; and be a source of expertise and research on abortion for advocates and policymakers. (Strategy: U.S. Reproductive Health Equity)
for support of COVID-19 response  
This grant will support the National Abortion Federation to supply its member clinics with personal protective equipment, and to strengthen its infrastructure to work effectively in a remote operating environment.

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