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For Support Of A Public Expenditure Program

Mexico Evalua is a think tank based in Mexico that focuses on advocating for evidence-based policymaking. This grant will support their public expenditure program, aligning with the Fiscal Transparency substrategy of the Transparency, Participation, and Accountability strategy. Mexico Evalua will seek to ensure that public spending is efficient and responsible by undertaking the following activities: monthly monitoring and public disclosure of public finance; strengthening journalists and citizens’ budget literacy through workshops and a public platform; evaluating intragovernmental transfers as a means to improve public services; and monitoring of public health infrastructure contracting.
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Jaime Balmes 11, Edificio D, Piso2, Despacho 202, Col.Los Morales Polanco, Del Miguel Hidalgo, Mexico City, Federal District, 11510, Mexico
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for general operating support  
México Evalúa is a nonpartisan organization that provides citizens with analysis and evaluation of Mexico's public policies and spending. México Evalúa focuses on seven key issues that impact Mexicans’ daily lives: justice, security, public spending, judicial transparency, economic regulation, education, and anticorruption. It tailors its analysis and policy recommendations to inform the advocacy campaigns of grassroots groups, including a network of organizations of patients with nontransmissible chronic illness comprised of individuals who have been denied medical treatments due to health sector irregularities., México Evalúa will develop and disseminate analysis of government implementation of their seven key issues at the federal and state level. (Strategy: Inclusive Governance)
for support of México Evalúa’s public expenditure program  
México Evalúa is a policy research center founded in early 2009 with the mission of evaluating public policy outcomes as they pertain to economic development priorities in Mexico. This grant would allow México Evalúa to consolidate work on improving government practices of evaluation and expenditure monitoring, as well as accountability to elevate the quality of public services. The objective of this program is to generate evidence and analysis to trigger institutional and operational changes so that public expenditure translates into the public’s well-being. In particular, this grant would allow México Evalúa to strengthen the independent evaluation and monitoring of public finances and to keep open channels with decision makers and other organizations that work on improving the efficiency of public expenditure and government accountability in Mexico. It would also allow the organization to strengthen its work on public expenditures in two areas: transparency and accountability in the judiciary, and monitoring and evaluation exercises of government performance.
for support of Mexico Evalua's public expenditure program  
Mexico Evalua is a policy research center founded in early 2009 with the mission of evaluating public policy outcomes as they pertain to economic development priorities in Mexico. A new program support grant from the Hewlett Foundation would enable Mexico Evalua to continue its work to examine budgetary practices in Mexico. Building on its research to analyze public spending in critical economic sectors, the organization intends to invest considerable resources to analyze and propose improvements to institutional mechanisms and incentives that affect federal and subnational government coordination. The aim is to increase the effectiveness of spending on health, education, infrastructure, and other social programs.

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