For A Project To Increase Youth Access To Abortion Services

This grant would allow Ipas to test a new model for increasing the availability of quality reproductive health and safe abortion services for young women in Zambia and Sierra Leone. In Zambia, Ipas will focus on community activities designed to ensure that young women have the knowledge, skills, social support, and care in their communities to prevent and manage unwanted pregnancies. In Sierra Leone, Ipas will strengthen links between communities and health facilities and increase the capacity of the public health sector to provide quality reproductive health services for young women, including post-abortion care and post-abortion family planning.
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P.O. Box 9990, Chapel Hill, NC, 27515, United States
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for support of Ipas Africa Alliance  
This grant will provide core support for Ipas Africa Alliance, a member of the Ipas Impact Network, whose mission is to advance reproductive justice globally. The alliance works with partners to secure equitable contraception and abortion care in East Africa and to pursue advocacy for sexual and reproductive health and rights across Africa. This grant is aligned with the Global Reproductive Equity strategy. (Strategy: Global Reproductive Equity)
for general operating support  
Ipas works to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights by enhancing women’s and girls’ access to and use of safe abortion and contraception. Ipas represents the primary global vanguard organization in the safe abortion sector, using a multifaceted approach that includes legal reform, health system strengthening, and community education and engagement. Ipas produces global goods that benefit the sector broadly — including programmatic tools, global monitoring of opposition actors, and a robust research agenda. (Strategy: Global Reproductive Equity)

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