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This grant will support the International Women’s Health Coalition to partner with advocacy organizations in developing countries to advocate for sexual and reproductive health and rights, with a particular focus on improving young people’s access to reproductive health information and services and making safe abortion services more widely available. The five-year grant term will allow the Coalition to commit to longer partnerships with local organizations, and address capacity needs in more sustained and tailored ways. This is anticipated to help make sure local organizations can better articulate and follow through on their advocacy priorities, and work with the Coalition to connect these local priorities to the global agenda.
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The International Women’s Health Coalition (IWHC) defends and advances sexual and reproductive health and rights through trust-based philanthropic partnerships with women’s organizations and movements. IWHC engages in policy advocacy on women’s health and rights at the global level, and with its partners at regional and national levels. IWHC prioritizes three areas: resourcing diverse and inclusive feminist movements in low- and middle-income countries; applying evidence-informed advocacy to oppose harmful norms, laws, and discourses that hinder the full expression of sexual and reproductive health and rights; and ensuring that its organizational values are reflected in internal practices and external partnerships.

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