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For A Project To Improve The Management Of Oil, Gas, And Mineral Resources In Sub-Saharan Africa

The International Senior Lawyers Project (ISLP) works with developing countries and civil society organizations in sub-Saharan Africa to improve the management of oil, gas, and mineral resources, and to ensure greater transparency in the revenues from those resources. By providing highly experienced lawyers and coordinating pro bono support from global law firms, ISLP helps countries to strengthen their legal, regulatory, and enforcement frameworks for natural resources management. With this grant, ISLP would be able to deepen and expand their advisory services and capacity building support in sub-Saharan Africa.
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The International Senior Lawyers Project (ISLP) mobilizes a global network of experienced lawyers and law firms to provide pro bono services to developing countries to strengthen their legal, regulatory, and enforcement frameworks. ISLP also assists local activists and civil society organizations to navigate the legal terrain and participate effectively in decisions affecting their communities, especially decisions involving natural resource management and associated investments, trade, and tax policies. ISLP’s programmatic priorities include deepening its engagement in Guyana, Malawi, and Zimbabwe, and developing new tools for advancing just, inclusive, and accountable development.

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