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International Planned Parenthood Federation, Worldwide, Inc. is a global network of family planning associations working in 170 countries. It is the largest non-governmental organization in the world concerned with sexual and reproductive health and rights. IPPF Worldwide Inc.’s strategic framework for 2005-2015, called the "5 A’s," is based around five key challenges in the field: Access for all to comprehensive family planning and reproductive health services; meeting the reproductive health needs of Adolescents/Young People; increasing access to HIV/AIDS prevention, care, and support; advocating for safe Abortion services; and Advocacy on the importance of reproductive health both in international development priorities and national policies. In 2009, the Federation saw 32.7 million clients for family planning and other sexual and reproductive health services, distributed 152 million condoms, and provided 1.4 million abortion-related services. Renewed support will underwrite continued implementation of the "5 A’s," particularly related to advocacy and safe abortion services. Over the next two years, IPPF Worldwide Inc. will help its Member Associations to increase donor and developing country resources, and political commitment, devoted to sexual and reproductive health and rights. With over 50 years of experience, IPPF Worldwide Inc. has developed a track record as an innovator in service delivery and advocacy worldwide. This grant would support the organization through the mid-way point of its strategic plan and to tackle ongoing challenges of strengthening quality and performance in sub-Saharan Africa, scaling up safe abortion services, and securing sufficient resources to achieve its ultimate goal of universal access to information and services for sexual and reproductive health.
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for general operating support  
The International Planned Parenthood Federation Worldwide, Inc. (IPPF WWI) is a global federation of member associations providing sexual and reproductive health services in more than 170 countries. It is one of the largest nongovernmental organizations in the world that promotes reproductive rights. This grant will support the organizational priorities of the federation during the grant period, including a strategic framework that addresses the sexual and reproductive health needs of adolescents (the largest ever generation), the growing social and economic inequalities around the world, and the burgeoning opposition movement that threatens gains in sexual and human rights. While IPPF WWI’s work improving service access and policies for reproductive health globally remains aligned with the overall global reproductive equity strategy aims, this will be the last general operating support grant as we shift our funding to focus more closely on the new strategy. (Strategy: Global Reproductive Equity)
for the Safe Abortion Action Fund  
International Planned Parenthood Federation - Worldwide, Inc. (Washington, DC) – Project; New; $75,000 over 1 year; 2% of project budget For the Safe Abortion Action Fund

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