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For Advancing Sexual And Reproductive Health And Rights

This grant will allow the International Planned Parenthood Federation Africa Regional Office (IPPF ARO) to provide technical and funding support to member associations in 14 countries for advocacy activities to ensure that sexual and reproductive health and rights remain a priority in the era of the Sustainable Development Goals. Consistent with the foundation’s new substrategy for advocacy, IPPF ARO will work with the member associations to identify local policy priorities and match them with the technical assistance necessary to be effective in national policy processes.
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for advancing sexual and reproductive health and rights  
This project aims to ensure that sexual and reproductive health and rights remain a priority in Africa’s development agenda beyond 2015, after the time frame for the Millennium Development Goals and Maputo Plan of Action comes to an end. As a leading sexual and reproductive rights organization, with significant success in setting agendas and initiating policy dialogues among decision makers in national governments and the African Union Commission leadership, the International Planned Parenthood Africa Regional office will facilitate consensus building among key stakeholders. The project will enhance collaborative North-South advocacy to make sexual and reproductive health and rights a high priority at the international level. Key outcomes will be a consensus by national governments, African Union Commission leadership, community service organizations, and development partners on Africa’s sexual and reproductive health priorities and how they should be addressed.
for the Africa Regional Office performance-based funding position  
The Africa Regional Office of the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF ARO) provides technical and financial support to the Federation’s forty-seven Member Associations in sub-Saharan Africa. In service of the Federation’s goal to improve performance, this grant would support continuing efforts to develop the capacity of IPPF ARO’s Member Associations to improve quality and performance. Under previous grants, IPPF trained multiple Member Associations in sub-Saharan Africa to use a "branch performance tool"—an analytic tool that provides clinic managers and executive staff information previously unavailable about how to improve performance in individual clinic branches. Work under this grant would support program costs for several country-based refresher training sessions on the branch performance tool with two Francophone and two Anglophone Member Associations, as well as peer-to-peer technical support among select Member Associations in the region.

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