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For Support Of Research On Reproductive Health And Economic Empowerment

This grant will support the Global Health, Youth, and Development and the Women’s Economic Empowerment and Livelihoods portfolios at the International Center for Research on Women to undertake and disseminate research on the relationship between reproductive health and women’s economic empowerment. The center is planning to contribute to the evidence base on the relationship by (a) developing a framework on how various pathways to economic empowerment improve reproductive health and vice versa; (b) conducting research to elucidate these pathways and evaluating existing interventions; and (c) analyzing available data sets. The research will be compiled in an edited journal or policy volume and disseminated widely.
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for support of research on SRHR and women's economic empowerment  
This grant to the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) will strengthen its Global Health, Youth and Development program as it seeks to improve business development strategies and respond to a changing global funding and research landscape. During the grant period, ICRW aims to reposition the organization by increasing its visibility and presence in West Africa and exploring opportunities to expand research in South Asia. (Strategy: International Reproductive Health)

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