Instituto Mexicano para la Competitividad

For Support Of The Implementation Of Mexico's Open Government Partnership Action Plan

The Mexican Institute for Competitiveness (IMCO) is co-chair of the civil society working group for Mexico’s participation in the Open Government Partnership. In collaboration with their co-chair, Equis, and other partners, IMCO will monitor the implementation of Mexico’s fourth national action plan of open government reforms as part of their membership in the Open Government Partnership. (Substrategy: Fiscal Governance)
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Avenida Cordillera de los Andes No.370 PB. Col. Lomas de Chapultepec I sección. Delegación Miguel Hidalgo C.P., Mexico City, 11000, Mexico
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for general operating support  
The Instituto Mexicano para la Competitividad (IMCO) is a nonpartisan think tank specializing in policy analysis and evidence-based advocacy to improve Mexico’s institutional framework for economic growth, as well increase government transparency and accountability. IMCO generates applied research to inform public debate and advocacy on how economic and social phenomena affect Mexico’s competitiveness. This supplement for general operating support would allow the think tank to keep producing competitiveness indices at the international, national, and subnational levels. It would also help IMCO better use new technologies to increase its impact and outreach, continue to produce research on public finance and government transparency, and deepen its engagement with education and public security policy in Mexico.
for a project to reduce health and economic impacts from air pollution in Mexico's largest cities  
The Mexican Institute for Competitiveness is an independent research center that studies the economic and social phenomena that affect Mexico’s economic competitiveness. This renewal grant would fund the Institute’s work on indicators of the impacts of air pollution on private sector productivity as a lever for reducing air pollution in Mexico´s biggest cities.
for improving the quality and transparency of public spending in states and municipalities of Mexico  
A renewal grant to the Instituto Mexicano para la Competitividad (IMCO) would enable the organization to continue producing original data (and continue using its pioneering methods of gathering it) on state- and municipal-level public budget and accounting practices in Mexico. The information that IMCO has produced with previous Hewlett Foundation support has been broadly disseminated and has been credited with sparking sustained public debate on government expenditures in Mexico, as well as having an impact on federal- and state-level budget practices. IMCO would produce two budget indices: one to measure the degree of budget discretion in all thirty-one Mexican states and the federal district of Mexico City, the other to focus on municipal-level spending. The data will provide evidence that diverse constituencies can use to press for better state- and municipal-level budget accountability in Mexico. Finally, the project will track and press for implementation of Mexico's reforms to standardize state-level accounting practices.

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