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For A Study On Community College Career Pathways And Reproductive Health

This supplemental grant will help the Institute for Women’s Policy Research conduct a process to plan for a potential project to improve access to reproductive health services for community college students so they can make informed decisions about childbearing, complete postsecondary education, and reach a more secure economic future. The institute will work with its learning community — made up of colleges, communities, practitioners, philanthropists, and policymakers — to design a project that implements and assesses the impact of promising practices, policy strategies, and program models that can help students access the reproductive health care they need.
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for general operating support  
The Institute for Women’s Policy Research (IWPR) advances reproductive rights and economic opportunity for women through research and advocacy. IWPR builds evidence to shape policies that grow women’s power and influence, close inequality gaps, and improve the economic well-being of families. (Strategy: U.S. Reproductive Equity)
for the Connect to Success Initiative  
This grant will support the Connect to Success Initiative, which aims to galvanize an expansion of sexual and reproductive health information and services for community college students. Community college students tend to have fewer health resources available to them than four-year college students, and reproductive health care is particularly difficult to access. This project will provide grants to projects, facilitate sustainable partnerships, and document best practices in order to better meet community college students’ sexual and reproductive health needs. As a “think and do” tank focused on women’s economic and social well-being, the Institute for Women’s Policy Research is uniquely positioned to conduct research to understand and advocate for promising practices that improve student access to care and to inform future interventions. (Strategy: U.S. Reproductive Health)
for the creation of a center focused on economic aspects of reproductive rights for women  
This grant will enable the Institute for Women’s Policy Research to launch a center focused on the integration of reproductive health and economic opportunity. The center will conduct research, analysis, and advocacy, and develop tools for advocates and implementers to advance promising policies and practices that both recognize and improve an integrated approach to women’s reproductive health and economic opportunity.

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