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    12 Months
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    General Support/Organization
The Educational Policy Improvement Center, focused on creating better connections between high school and college, is a national leader in deeper learning, especially research and development in college and career-readiness activities. The Center's work will promote a national agenda by (1) increasing the role of higher education in developing and using new deeper learning state assessments; (2) conducting a feasiblity study to increase the deeper learning dimensions of Advanced Placement courses; (3) developing an online platform for entering, storing, developing, and managing deeper learning assessment items; and (4) participating in the Hewlett Foundation's Deeper Learning research activities.
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1700 Millrace, Eugene, OR, 97403, United States
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for general operating support  
With renewed support, the Educational Policy Improvement Center will continue its work with state agencies, nongovernmental organizations, school districts, and networks to conduct research, develop programs and tools to implement academic standards for college readiness, and develop and scale tests of deeper learning.
for assistance to states in understanding and developing assessments related to deeper learning  
The University of Oregon’s Education Policy Improvement Center (EPIC) and the Stanford Center for Assessment, Learning, and Equity propose to partner with the Council of Chief State School Officers to provide technical assistance and coordination to a group of states committed to serve as "innovation labs" for developing twenty-first-century learning systems. These systems will deliver performance assessments that support deeper learning aligned to the Common Core standards.
for general operating support  
The Educational Policy Improvement Center will work with state agencies, national nongovernmental organizations, school districts, and networks to conduct research and develop programs and tools to implement the Common Core standards and aligned assessments. The Center’s goals closely match our strategy, and general operating support would give it flexibility to respond to increasing demand for its services.

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