For Writing A Paper On Future Directions For Impact Evaluations

This grant will support one of three papers that the Global Development and Population Program is commissioning about the role of impact evaluations in informing development policy and programming. IDinsight has coordinated impact evaluations across Africa and Asia, and this paper will draw on the organization’s experience tailoring impact evaluation approaches to decision-making needs and constraints of program planners, in governments, non-governmental organizations and donor agencies. Together, the three papers will both inform the field of impact evaluation, as well as the strategy development for the Program's Evidence-Informed Policymaking sub-component.
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for assessing and highlighting gender-specific conditions and impacts in Idinsight’s projects  
Idinsight is a global nonprofit that seeks to improve development outcomes by providing data analytics, evaluation, and advisory services to leaders in government, the nonprofit sector, and funding agencies. This project will enhance Idinsight’s ability to integrate gender analyses into client engagements. Specifically, Idinsight will identify gender-specific conditions and impacts related to social protection, economic empowerment, and taxation. The organization expects to increase the impact of its gender-sensitive recommendations for demand-driven research during the two-year grant period. This grant will focus on two work streams: first, to deepen and expand its internal expertise in gender and foster internal knowledge sharing on gender-related topics. The second work stream focuses on providing top-up funding to client projects to facilitate active inclusion of gender lens. Through this grant, IDinsight aims to promote more gender-sensitive decisions across multiple domains including agriculture, education, financial inclusion, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), environment, and energy and livelihoods. (Strategy: International Women’s Economic Empowerment)
for general operating support  
IDinsight designs, deploys, and promotes evidence-generating tools designed to help organizations combat poverty worldwide. The organization’s guiding principle is to inform decision makers' priorities, thus maximizing rigor within decision makers' budgetary, time, and operational constraints. The grantee’s goals are to (a) increase the impact of its direct support to decision makers, including by deepening and lengthening relationships; (b) raise expectations and lower barriers so that evidence is used for policymaking and implementation, including by lowering data collection costs; and (c) further enhance the organization's ability to attract and retain top talent. (Strategy: Evidence-Informed Policymaking)

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