For A Project To Apply Design Thinking To Reproductive Health In Zambia And Mali

Overview applies principles of human-centered design to alleviate poverty. This support would allow to deepen its partnership with Marie Stopes International-US (MSI), completing the final phases of the redesign of MSI’s services for young people in Zambia and initiating a new collaboration in a second country to address the same question of how human-centered design might improve reproductive health services for young people. The current collaboration in Zambia has shown promising early successes in increasing the number of young people using MSI’s services. proposes to build this experience and apply the same human-centered design approach with MSI’s program in Mali to uncover insights specific to the Malian context and surface opportunities for youth-centered reproductive health programming in Bamako and surrounding urban areas.
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444 Spear Street Suite #213, San Francisco, CA, 94105, United States
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for a project to apply design thinking to reproductive health in Zambia is a San Francisco-based firm that uses the principles of design thinking and human-centered design to solve persistent social problems in developing countries. This grant would support a partnership between and Foundation grantee Marie Stopes International–US in Zambia to use design thinking to prototype new solutions that would increase the number of young women and men using reproductive health services. The Foundation expects this collaboration to provide innovative, scalable, and sustainable solutions for youth reproductive health services, and to demonstrate the value of design thinking to the field more broadly as a different approach to increase the use of reproductive health services. This grant is proposed as part of the Foundation’s new strategy to use new tools and approaches to make sure no woman has an unintended pregnancy in sub-Saharan Africa.
for design-thinking collaboration in Sub-Saharan Africa applies principles of human-centered design to alleviate poverty. This support will allow to continue partnering with Marie Stopes International-US (MSI) in Zambia in the final phase of the "Divine Divas" project, particularly addressing questions of how to sustain the Diva services within MSI’s operating model for the next several years. and MSI will also continue collaboration in Kenya on the "Future Fab" campaign designed to make the connection with young Kenyan men and women between reproductive health services and a bright future.
for support of's Health XO program applies principles of human-centered design to alleviate poverty. Over the past four years, has developed the Health XO program, targeting improvements in adolescent girls’ reproductive health. This grant will allow the program to explore new ways of collaborating with partners, experiment with new approaches to bring outside perspectives to the design process, and make the resulting solutions more accessible to the reproductive health field.

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