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In 2014, only 23% of students tested "proficient" on the Nation’s Report Card 8th grade civics exam, and only 1 in 5 youth voted. To help address this, in 2009 Justice Sandra Day O'Connor founded iCivics, a digital educational gaming nonprofit, to help "prepare young people for citizenship." With the help of education experts, the group has released 19 free online games, along with accompanying lesson plans. In six years, iCivics has become "the largest civic education provider in the nation, reaching over 3 million students last year. Over 50% of middle school social studies teachers and almost a quarter of high school government and history teachers, 110,000 educators in all," use iCivics’ resources across all 50 states. This grant for general operating support would help iCivics to continue its strong work, while also developing a new and adapted curriculum to expand its reach to high school teachers.
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for general operating support  
Despite the many issues facing our country, or perhaps because of them, young people have divorced themselves from the political process. This is reflected, among other things, in their persistently low participation rates in our elections. Nor have we succeeded in imparting to young people, especially in low-income and historically marginalized communities, the knowledge and skill required for political participation. As one of the largest civic education organizations in the country, iCivics focuses on putting youth and equity at the center of a new movement to prioritize civics in schools. (Substrategy: Educator Capacity)
for support of a Civic Education convening  
Over many years, access to quality and equal civic education has declined in America, adding to current challenges of democratic knowledge and engagement. This grant will support a convening led by iCivics – founded in 2009 by Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, and now the largest civic education provider in the country - and others, to fuel momentum for a new civic education movement. The convening will gather key constituencies capable of funding and leading this work in order to showcase success and innovation in the sector, and raise visibility for civic education.

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