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For Support Of Research On Unsafe Abortion In Francophone West Africa

For more than forty years, the Guttmacher Institute has led the field in research on the incidence, causes, and consequences of unsafe abortion. Funds would support the first national study of the incidence and consequences of unsafe abortion in Senegal as well as dissemination of the results of the first national study of abortion incidence in Burkina Faso. These studies would fill major gaps in the evidence on unintended pregnancy and abortion in Senegal and Burkina Faso. Findings would be disseminated by local partners to inform and advance new reproductive health policies and programs. The goal is to improve reproductive health and maternal survival by reducing unintended pregnancy and unsafe abortion throughout Francophone West Africa, as part of the Ouagadougou Cooperation, of which the Hewlett Foundation is a founding member.
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for general operating support  
Working in the United States and globally, the Guttmacher Institute seeks to advance sexual and reproductive health and rights by combining original research, policy analysis and advocacy, communications strategies to shape the public discourse, and capacity-strengthening activities that maximize the reach and impact of partners’ research and advocacy efforts. (Strategies: U.S. Reproductive Equity and Global Reproductive Equity)
for documenting the cost of unsafe abortion in Rwanda  
Guttmacher Institute, Inc. (New York, NY) - Project, New, $200,000 over 1 year; 67% of project budget for support of documenting the cost of unsafe abortion in Rwanda

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