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For Follow-on Research In Senegal

This grant will support Guttmacher to conduct a study that documents the costs of unsafe abortion to the health system in Senegal. Local advocacy partners will use the results of this study and earlier research to help the Ministry of Health consider its policies that regulate abortion provision.
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125 Maiden Lane, Seventh Floor, New York, NY, 10038-4912, United States
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for documenting the cost of unsafe abortion in Rwanda  
Guttmacher Institute, Inc. (New York, NY) - Project, New, $200,000 over 1 year; 67% of project budget for support of documenting the cost of unsafe abortion in Rwanda
for general operating support  
A leading voice in the field of sexual and reproductive health for more than forty years, the Guttmacher Institute has earned a strong reputation for its unbiased scientific inquiry and evidence-based approach. It provides a steady stream of essential, policy-relevant information on key issues relating to reproductive and sexual health and is routinely cited by policymakers, government agencies, health professionals, the media, and other advocacy organizations. This grant would help enable Guttmacher to continue its work to build the evidence needed to drive policy changes to promote sexual and reproductive health and carry out an interrelated program of social science research, policy analysis, and public education.
for translation of the Rwanda monograph on abortion into French  
For more than forty years, the Guttmacher Institute has led the field in research on the incidence, cause and consequences of unsafe abortion. In 2009, the Hewlett Foundation supported the first national study of the incidence of abortion and health consequences of unsafe abortion in Rwanda. Funds will enable Guttmacher to publish a French language version of the monograph on abortion and unintended pregnancy in Rwanda and disseminate the report along with other project materials to key stakeholders, including policymakers, the Ministry of Health, NGOs, health providers, donors, and the media.

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