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Golden Thread is the country’s only theater company dedicated to staging works about the people of the Middle East by Middle Eastern and Middle Eastern–American playwrights. On a very small budget, the company presents full-length productions and a week-long festival of shorter works each season and tours a children’s production to Bay Area schools and libraries. Each year, the 2,700 theatergoers who attend Golden Thread performances comprise almost equal numbers of people who identify as Middle Eastern (Armenian, Iranian, Arab, or Israeli) and people who do not.
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1695 Eighteenth Street, C-101, San Francisco, CA, 94107-2376, United States
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for general operating support  
Golden Thread Productions is the first theater company in the United States devoted to producing plays from or about the Middle East. Its suite of programs serves more than 7,000 people each year, offering authentic voices and alternative perspectives of the region to audiences of all ages and backgrounds. The organization actively engages local, national, and international networks of theater artists to serve Bay Area communities through the development and production of innovative works, and the promotion of the diverse performance styles of the Middle East. This grant aligns with the Performing Arts Program’s Communities strategy.
for the development of a fundraising plan  
Golden Thread Productions presents multiple perspectives of the Middle East by developing and producing theatrical works for 5,000 people each year. Its work is aesthetically varied, ranging from works that are politically engaging to those that emphasize cultural traditions and universal stories for children and families. Founded in 1996, Golden Thread Productions is the only theatre company in the county dedicated to staging works that explore Middle Eastern experiences and are written by Middle Eastern and Middle Eastern-American playwrights. This grant to Golden Thread would support the development of a fundraising plan focused on increasing donations from individuals.

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