Global Fund for Women

For Support Of The Civil Society Engagement In The Generation Equality Forum

This grant supports the Global Fund for Women to strengthen the meaningful inclusion and strategic participation of grassroots feminist activists in the Beijing +25/26 processes. The inclusion and participation of feminist activists aim to maximize the impact of the Generation Equality Forums and ensure that priorities and commitments toward gender justice are cocreated with those most affected. These mobilizing efforts will inform subsequent work by feminist movements to establish accountability mechanisms for private and public sector commitments to advance women’s rights.
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The Global Fund for Women has been a catalyst in the global women’s rights movement since 1987. By mobilizing nearly $85 million from more than 20,000 individuals and institutions, it has been able to provide grants to 4,200 groups in 171 countries. In 2010 alone, the Global Fund’s efforts reached 125,000 women and girls and benefited thousands more. In recognition of the appointment of the Global Fund for Women’s new CEO, Dr. Musimbi Kanyoro, this unrestricted funding would allow the organization to continue to advance women’s rights by making grants that support and strengthen women’s groups around the world.

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