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For Support Of The Georgetown Climate Center's State Leadership Coordination

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    12 Months
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    General Support/Program
The Georgetown Climate Center, based within Georgetown Law School, supports state regulators, power companies, and other key stakeholders in constructively engaging with each other and the EPA in shaping and eventually complying with EPA’s proposed Clean Power Plan to reduce global warming pollution from existing power plants. The Center hosts facilitated in-person meetings and phone and web-based communication sessions, as well as providing technical expertise, to help stakeholders explore multi-state and state-based compliance frameworks, identify and address common compliance questions, submit joint comments, and engage with media.
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Main Campus Office of Research Services Box 571014 650 ICC, Washington, DC, 20057-1168, United States
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for the CyberAI program  
Launched in 2020, Georgetown University’s Center for Security and Emerging Technology’s (CSET) CyberAI project focuses on the intersection of AI, cybersecurity, and geopolitics. CyberAI is examining what the advent of powerful AI systems means for cybersecurity, with a focus on three areas: (a) AI’s potential to alter the current state of cybersecurity, (b) the potential failure modes and vulnerabilities of AI applications for cyber, and (c) geostrategic competition centered around cyber and AI. Planned research will examine how machine learning techniques can enhance cybersecurity more broadly, how other nations are pursuing AI and cyber advances and the risks this pursuit could have on strategic stability, the increased risk of unique failures in the development and application of AI techniques for cybersecurity, and how AI capabilities may alter the future course of disinformation campaigns.
for support of the Georgetown Climate Center's state leadership coordination  
The Georgetown Climate Center (GCC), based within Georgetown Law School, has developed strong relationships with senior federal officials, state leaders, and state regulators working on a range of clean energy, clean transportation, and climate issues over many years. With support from the Hewlett Foundation, GCC will facilitate and staff a group of states with strong existing clean energy and climate programs to collectively advocate for a strong federal carbon standard for existing power plants. The GCC would also leverage a network of relationships they and these "leading states" have in order to outreach to and garner support from targeted "opportunity" states.
for Georgetown Climate Center’s clean energy and transportation programs  
This is a supplemental grant to the Georgetown Climate Center, based within Georgetown Law, provides coordination, communication, and technical support across a number of states moving forward with climate and clean energy policies. By helping to enable these state actions and sharing their stories, the Climate Center also helps promote wider sub-national leadership in the U.S., and signals to the rest of the world that the U.S. remains capable of meeting its climate commitments. (Substrategy: U.S. National Policy)

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