Generation Citizen

For Field Building To Advance Democracy Education

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    24 Months
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    General Support/Program
Generation Citizen promotes civics education for all U.S. students and convenes a broad set of organizations focused on promoting civic education in K-12 schools. Generation Citizen will engage in a field-building strategy, including researching effective strategies from other disciplines, organizing and hosting national convening among diverse stakeholders, analyzing the landscape of existing assets, conducting relevant research reports, and directly engaging young people as leaders. Building demand for effective civic education through deeper learning among a wide array of stakeholders, including philanthropists, educators, and policymakers, will support young people's civic participation.
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175 Varick Street, FL5
New York , NY 10024
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for promoting equity in civics education  
Generation Citizen is a national organization working to transform civics education so that young people are equipped and inspired to exercise their civic power. It partners with school districts to provide real-world competency-based civic learning experiences for students while advocating for policies that ensure these students receive an equity-centered civics education. This grant takes the next step in an Equity in Civics field-building initiative by convening a national steering committee to provide guidance to school districts and civics education organizations, create toolkits and other resources that civics education groups can use to promote equity in civics education, and host conferences to promote equity in civics education. (Substrategy: Student and Community Voice)

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