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For General Operating Support

With this renewal grant, Fundar would continue its globally recognized work on transparency and access to information, with the specific purpose of tracking and analyzing Mexico’s social development budgets. In addition to providing budget analysis training to civil society organizations in Mexico and from around the world, Fundar would also continue its work to make public subsidies for the poor more transparent and accountable. Of major importance to Fundar’s subsidy transparency agenda is maintaining and promoting the agricultural subsidy transparency website,, in collaboration with Hewlett grantees, the Environmental Working Group and the University of California, Santa Cruz.
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Cerrada de Alberto Zamora No. 21 Col. Villa Coyoacan, De. Coyoacan, Mexico City, CP 04000, Mexico
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for general operating support  
Fundar is a Mexican think tank that advocates for and monitors the implementation of public policies to reduce poverty and protect civil rights. In a context of increased political polarization, Fundar works with diverse coalitions to advance concrete governance reforms such as closing tax loopholes and protecting whistleblowers. It is uniquely positioned to work in partnership with rural, grassroots activists while influencing the priorities of Mexico City’s political elite. For instance, over the next two years, it will support the families of victims of human rights abuses while monitoring the implementation of the Law on Disappearance and the National Program to Prevent and Punish Torture. Similarly, it will support the campaigns of agricultural day laborers to be incorporated into Mexico's social security system. (Strategy: Inclusive Governance)
for the development of Mexico's Open Government action plan  
This grant would support broadening civil society participation the development of Mexico's second Open Government Partnership action plan. Through the development of workshops to craft specific commitments for nine sectors related to public spending and government transparency, civil society experts from Mexico City and across the country would contribute to improving the potential impact of Mexico's open government commitments.

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