Equis Justicia para las Mujeres

For Promotion Of Women’s Human Rights In Mexico Through Transparency In The Justice System

This grant will allow Equis Justicia para las Mujeres (Equis) to monitor and document the state of transparency in the judiciary of 32 state tribunals. The project will consolidate the alliance on state monitoring of the judiciary; strengthen the capacity of local organizations to carry out this monitoring; and provide technical assistance to state courts. Equis will consolidate and expand the national observatory of Women’s Justice Centers. It will also disseminate the transparency toolkit with feminist organizations in Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, and Colombia, and translate this toolkit and pilot dissemination in Africa and Asia.
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Valladolid 14 Colonia Juárez, Alcaldía Cuauhtémoc, México, Federal District, 06600, Mexico
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for promotion of women’s human rights in Mexico through transparency in the justice system  
Founded in 2010, Justicia para las Mujeres (Equis) seeks to promote women’s human rights and gender equality through legal, advocacy, and women’s leadership strategies to achieve social justice. This grant would enable Equis to use access to information and transparency tools to give women greater access to a responsive justice system in three Mexican states and at the federal level. The project will focus on using social audits, requesting access to information, and monitoring public service delivery throughout the justice system in order to hold Mexico’s judges, public prosecutors, clerks, police officers, defense attorneys, and other justice providers accountable to the country’s international human rights and gender equality commitments.

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