For A Project To Support Sexual And Reproductive Health Advocacy In West Africa

The recommended grant would support advocacy efforts by Equilibres et Populations (EquiPop) for increased funding and favorable policies for sexual and reproductive health in Francophone West Africa. EquiPop plans to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations in West Africa—initially in Benin, Burkina Faso, and Niger—to be more effective advocates, including by forming strategic partnerships and improving communications skills. EquiPop’s regional office in Burkina Faso will provide ongoing programmatic support for local advocacy. Its Paris headquarters will continue to ensure support for sexual and reproductive health from the French government and the European Union.
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6 rue de la Plaine, Paris, 75020, France
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for support of the SRHR advocacy of CSOs and feminist activists in Francophone West Africa  
This grant will support Equilibres & Populations, an advocacy organization that combines social and political mobilization and solid partnerships with actors of change to improve the rights and health of women and girls around the world. Through core funding, technical assistance, and strategic exchanges, Equilibres & Populations and partners will strengthen the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) ecosystem in Francophone West Africa to ensure that feminist activists and civil society organizations are well positioned to advance transformative and sustained policy and social change. During the grant period, Equipop and partners will work closely with donors to advocate for more and better funding for SRHR activism in Francophone West Africa. (Strategy: Global Reproductive Equity)

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