EdVisions Schools

For General Operating Support

  • Amount
  • Program
  • Date Awarded
  • Term
    12 Months
  • Type of Support
    General Support/Organization
We propose this general operating support grant to EdVisions Schools, one of eight school networks that we consider exemplary models or "proof points" for Deeper Learning. They are active participants in the proof points network and are engaged in a number of projects that align with our deeper learning goals.
About the Grantee
501 Main Street PO Box 601, Henderson, MN, 56044, United States
Grants to this Grantee
for identifying, cultivating, and showcasing exemplary schools to advance deeper learning  
This is one of ten grants to members of the Deeper Learning Network to showcase exemplary schools, nurture the deeper learning movement, prepare for school site visits by decision makers, and integrate Common Core standards into their curricula.
for the videoconferencing project  
EdVisions Schools (Henderson, MN) – Project; New; $17,690 over 1 year ($8,845 from Special Projects, $8,845 from Education); 100% of project budget For the videoconferencing project This videoconference grant to the EdVisions Schools will facilitate collaboration among the organizations in the deeper learning proof points network.
for planning an online professional development tool  
This proposed grant would support the planning, design, and early development work for an online professional development tool to help more teachers and school leaders replicate the successful deeper learning practices of the EdVisions schools, one of our eight Proof Points school networks. EdVisions expects to hire a consultant to help with the design and strategic planning for this new service offering. It also plans to test it early on with partner schools already in the process of converting to the EdVisions model.

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