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1201 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Suite 850, Washington, DC, 20036, United States
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for analysis of state waiver practices to develop measurement criteria of Common Core implementation  
Education Sector is a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank committed to achieving measurable impact in education policy, both by improving existing reform initiatives and by developing new, innovative solutions to the nation’s most pressing education problems. It merges public policy analysis, research, and journalism. EdSector will conduct a systematic analysis of all waivers from No Child Left Behind regulations that have been granted to states by the US Department of Education as well as those currently under consideration. Using state scores on the National Assessment of Educational Progress, EdSector will examine the relationship between past achievement success and the new accountability practices proposed under the waivers. They will produce a report that will identify practices that appear most promising, states whose proposed accountability systems are most consistent with successful implementation of the Common Core, and states whose plans are cause for concern as well as offering recommendations for strengthening plans.
for a planning grant for Common Core State Standards policy analysis  
An independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank, Education Sector will develop a report on policies critical to full implementation of the Common Core State Standards Initiative and will report on state consortia assessment development. It will communicate the report broadly through blogs, op-eds, and "conversation starters" aimed at policymakers and analysts. In addition, Education Sector will recommend areas for more detailed analysis and reportage, emphasizing policies that are essential for implementing the Common Core standards in line with the principles of deeper learning.

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