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Given the long time horizons of teaching and research, it is a challenge to measure the lasting impact of academic institutes. Funders often have to rely on proxies to track the progress of these institutes. Judged by its sheer output, the Duke Strategic Philanthropy and Civil Society Center is unquestionably among the leaders in academic work on philanthropy. The Center has compiled 400 case studies about strategic philanthropy in addition to publishing major reports on the role of technology in philanthropy and on foundations that spend down their assets. In partnership with the Growth Philanthropy Network, the Duke Center has also helped drive an increasingly prominent conversation about the growth capital needs of high-potential nonprofits. It also leads regular courses in strategic philanthropy for undergraduates, graduate students, and high-net-worth donors.
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for the Energy Access Project  
The Energy Access Project (EAP), housed at Duke University, explores new climate finance frontiers with multilateral development banks and Chinese financial institutions to enhance global low-carbon investment supply to developing countries. The EAP’s New Frontier in Climate Finance project looks to increase the catalytic nature of foreign investments, move those investments into critical low-carbon growth sectors needing demonstration and de-risking, and create a race-to-the-top that mobilizes Chinese capital outside its borders and into these markets. Progress towards these goals has quantitative aspects, which the project aims to contribute to over one-year and five-year timeframes. (Substrategy: China National Policy)
for support of the Cook Center  
The Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity at Duke University is an interdisciplinary research collaborative with a mission to address social problems caused by inequality. A critical area of work at the center is to train the next generation of scholars in the social sciences, with a particular emphasis on the field of economics.

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