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For Support Of The Retrofit America's Cities Program

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Oakland-based Green for All works in collaboration with businesses, local government, labor organizations, and communities to advocate for programs that increase jobs and opportunities in green energy sector, especially for under-served communities of color. Federal and state investment in energy efficiency creates opportunities for communities most in need of green jobs while advancing climate change goals. Buildings are the second highest emitters of greenhouse gases after transportation. In the 2010-2012 budget cycle, utilities received authorization for $3.1 billion for energy efficiency programs, 42 percent higher than the prior three-year cycle. This presents a remarkable opportunity. Through the Retrofit California Project, Green for All will engage the California Public Utility Commission and other utilities to ensure that high-road green jobs are created as energy efficiency projects are executed. This advances the Hewlett Foundations goals reducing reliance on fossil fuels and building a sustained base of support for environmental issues.
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436 14th Street Suite 920, Oakland, CA, 94612, United States
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for support of the Retrofit America's Cities program  
Green for All works with businesses, governments, utilities, labor unions, and communities to increase energy efficiency retrofits of single- and multi-family homes, especially in underserved communities of color. With this grant the organization would seek to rapidly increase demand for energy efficiency upgrades for single-family homes in at least five additional cities; implement an energy efficiency financing model for the multi-family affordable housing market; and encourage training for a network of contractors that will draw on local communities for their employees.
for support of the Retrofit America's Cities program  
In order to phase out dirty sources of electricity, like coal, markets for energy efficiency and clean, renewable energy must be increased. Green For All promotes new policies to finance energy efficiency retrofits of existing multifamily affordable housing. Using previous Hewlett funding, Green For All secured a $3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to implement a demonstration project in Oregon. With continued support, Green For All would launch the demonstration project, document and publicize the benefits, and replicate it in at least two other areas to build momentum for adoption of the policy nationally.
for Green for All’s common ground strategy  
This grant supports Green for All’s common ground strategy, a program of Dream Corps that aims to advance smart, equitable climate policies and unite the country around a shared vision for a clean energy economy. (Substrategy: U.S. National Policy)

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