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for support of DKT's Francophone West and Central African program  
This grant supports DKT International’s relatively new Francophone West and Central Africa program, which is increasing private sector availability of contraceptive and safe abortion technologies. With the COVID-19 pandemic closing many clinics, private sector availability of contraceptives and safe abortion pills is increasingly important. These technologies and products are sold at a significantly lower price than products currently on the market in Francophone West and Central Africa, increasing the range of products that women can buy. Because many women in the region do not have the resources to purchase contraceptives or safe abortion products in the private sector, DKT’s program also works with governments to improve the supply of similar products in the public sector.
for general operating support  
DKT International uses commercial marketing techniques to promote and distribute contraceptive and safe abortion products in 19 countries, extending the availability of these products beyond the clinical setting. This flexible support will allow DKT International to expand the marketing of contraceptives — particularly long-term methods — to doctors, nurses, midwives, and consumers through pharmacies, informal drug shops, and franchised private clinics.

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