Digital Promise

For Supporting The Development Of Equitable Culture And Capacity

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1731 Connecticut Ave NW, 4th floor, Washington, DC, 20009, United States
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for advancing racial justice in America’s classrooms  
Digital Promise shapes the future of learning and advances equitable education systems by bringing together solutions across research, practice, and technology. With this grant, Digital Promise will apply and scale an Inclusive Innovation framework using Socratic Circles to support social justice and equity dialog in classrooms and communities. The Socratic Circles model will be applied in a range of contexts, with participating districts, to support the development of teacher cultural competency and culturally responsive teaching; and to identify pathways in which Socratic Circles can support bidirectional communication between home and school. Materials developed to support this model will be made available as open educational resources. (Substrategy: Sustainable Systems)
for advancing racial justice in America’s classrooms  
Digital Promise has a mission to spur innovation to improve equity and the opportunity to learn for all. By tapping into and honoring the expertise of researchers, developers, teachers, students, and parents and utilizing best-in-class user-centered design principles, Digital Promise will co-create professional development and classroom OER that build capacity and enable the conditions for racial justice in America’s classrooms. This project will advance the implementation and use of OER in K-12 school districts, as well as contribute to the development of an inclusive field that is responsive to diverse educators and learners. (Substrategy: Sustainable Systems)
for strategic design and communications planning  
Digital Promise was founded a decade ago with a singular mission: to accelerate innovation in education to improve opportunities to learn. Under the leadership of its new CEO, the team is addressing core questions that naturally come at this stage of the organization’s evolution. With this grant, the team will engage in a strategic planning process to create a vision and roadmap for the next 10 years. Digital Promise also intends for this effort to play a critical role in shaping the narrative surrounding innovation and technology in education, especially after the COVID-19 pandemic and our nation’s racial reckoning. (Substrategy: Sustainable Systems)

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