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For A Webinar To Raise Awareness About OER

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Creative Commons, an anchor grantee in the Open Educational Resources (OER) field, has a longstanding reputation as a leader in the OER space and has extensive experience in communicating various facets of OER and open licensing to a wide variety of audiences. Funding for this project will support Creative Commons' efforts to develop and deliver a webinar on OER and Open Licensing specifically tailored to the USAID Education program to assist USAID Education Program Officers in understanding important aspects of OER and Open Licensing. This webinar will be recorded so that it can be re-used for additional OER awareness-raising efforts.
About the Grantee
P.O. Box 741107, Los Angeles, CA, 90074-1107, United States
Grants to this Grantee
for general operating support  
Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people and communities by equipping them with the legal, technical, and policy solutions that they require to address real challenges on the ground. Creative Commons promotes better sharing of knowledge and culture in ways that serve the public interest. This includes reshaping the open ecosystem to support equitable and pro-social sharing, enhancing open infrastructure to foster sustainable and ethical sharing, and transforming institutions to make knowledge and cultural heritage assets as openly accessible as possible. (Substrategy: Field Building)
for increasing capacity for OER technology development and strategic policy outreach  
Creative Commons offers free, easily understood, machine-readable licenses by which individuals can retain particular rights to their creative work while sharing it with the world on generous terms. This grant would support continued work on tools and monitoring to improve the search and discovery of OER, as well as technical assistance for OER policy efforts. It also would support the few projects remaining after the reintegration of CCLearn, the division dedicated to supporting open learning and OER, into Creative Common's core organization.
for leadership development in Open Educational Resources  
With this grant, Creative Commons proposes to develop an Institute for Open Leadership to train new leaders in education, science, and public policy fields on the values and implementation of openness in licensing, policies, and practices. By training new leaders, connecting them to each other, and helping them complete their first capstone open projects in their institutions, the Institute will prepare them to guide emerging movements in open science, open education, open government, and open culture. This project will help fulfill the Program’s goals for capacity building and succession planning in the OER field.

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