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For Support Of The History Of Capitalism Summer Camp

The History of Capitalism Summer Camp seeks to reinvigorate the field of economic history by offering graduate students and junior faculty an intense introduction to quantitative methods, economic theory, and corporate research. Few history graduate students are trained in econometrics and statistics, much less financial accounting. These skills in and of themselves can produce useful historical answers, but, equally importantly, if historians are to meaningfully engage with other disciplines, these skills sets are essential. “Campers” have described the experience as transformative for historical research. The grant will make greater access possible for under-funded graduate students.
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for demographic training, research, and policy dissemination in sub-Saharan Africa  
To help respond to growing demand for well-trained demographers and statisticians, the Population and Development Program at Cornell University has engaged in a partnership with the Institut de Formation et de Recherche Démographiques, a primary research and training resource for Francophone African states. The proposed program would expand and improve technical training and research, as well as enhance the Institute’s policy communications capacity.

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