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For General Operating Support

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    13 Months
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    General Support/Organization
This renewal grant to the Conservation Lands Foundation would continue support for its successful efforts to encourage the president to create new national monuments on public land. To date, the current administration has created nine national monuments and expanded one other. During the term of this grant, the Foundation hopes to see at least two more monuments created and will demonstrate broad public support for several more. The Conservation Lands Foundation will use public education, research, and outreach to build support for this campaign.
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835 E. 2nd Avenue, Suite 314
Durango, CO 81301
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for general operating support  
The Conservation Lands Foundation protects, restores, and expands the nation’s system of National Conservation Lands through a network of 70 volunteer-powered local "friends groups," public education, and partnerships. The organization trains and supports its Friends Grassroots Network to work with their communities to steward and advance new conservation protections for landscapes and rivers across the West. (Western Conservation Substrategies: Defend Public Lands and Advance Conservation Protections.)
for general operating support  
This general operating grant supports the Conservation Lands Foundation’s work to protect and restore the nation’s system of National Conservation Lands through a network of local "friends" organizations, public education, and partnerships.

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