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The Climate Mitigation Philanthropy Accelerator Platform Project is a collaboration of foundations to effectively utilize their assets in collaboration with grantees to increase climate mitigation philanthropy worldwide.
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235 Montgomery Street
Suite 1300
San Francisco, CA 94104-3006
Grants to this Grantee
for communication strategies in Brazil and China  
This grant supports communications efforts in Brazil and China to educate the public and policy makers on pollution and climate change solutions. ClimateWorks will partner on this work with the Global Strategic Communications Council (GSCC), a program of the European Climate Foundation that provides communications and media relations services and support on a wide array of climate change and clean energy issues globally.
for the Go Big Initiative  
This grant will support the "Go Big" initiative that ClimateWorks launched in 2016, to substantially increase the amount of philanthropic capital going to solve the global climate crisis. The initiative will provide high-quality staff, information and systems that enable the engagement of philanthropists to invest and do more to help solve the climate challenge.
for the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Program  
This grant to the ClimateWorks Foundation will support the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Joint Fund. The joint fund will be dispersed to developing countries to improve energy efficiency, while transitioning away from high global warming potential refrigerants, consistent with commitments made under the Kigali Amendment of the Montreal Protocol. The funds will be dispersed in partnership with implementing agencies of the Montreal Protocol’s Multilateral Fund. Affordable, energy-efficient cooling can dramatically improve people’s lives and dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions while giving a powerful boost to the international effort to keep global average temperature rise well below 2° C.

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