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For India Electricity Market Reform

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Climate Policy Initiative is working to develop a roadmap to a flexible, low-carbon Indian electricity system. This grant will assess flexibility needs for the Indian electricity system under higher renewable energy penetrations over the next five to 25 years. The project will evaluate potential resources and policy and market solutions that will help India develop the electricity system flexibility needed to achieve and extend renewable energy goals. This work will complement the work of the India Energy Transitions Commission, but the main audience will be the Reserve Bank of India and key financial players who finance the Indian power grid.
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for the Climate Finance Program  
The overarching goal of the Climate Policy Initiative’s Climate Finance Program is to ensure that policy and investment decision makers have the knowledge and tools to address climate change while achieving sustainable development goals. The program’s strategy is organized around three work streams: (a) to provide needed information on investment flows and investors, (b) to apply in-depth analysis to guide decision makers in their efforts to accelerate the effective use of public and private capital, and (c) develop and scale transformative financial solutions for climate mitigation.
for scaling innovative climate finance in China  
Drawing on the learnings and successes of Climate Policy Initiative’s climate finance program, including the Global Landscape of Climate Finance and the Global Innovation Lab for Climate Finance, the Initiative proposes to catalyze the massive opportunity for climate finance in China by building an analytical foundation for climate investment there and identifying concrete opportunities for Chinese financial institutions to scale up low-carbon, climate resilient investment.
for the Energy Finance Program  
This grant will support Climate Policy Initiative’s Energy Finance Program in meeting its three goals: (a) the development and propagation of models, tools, and processes to identify and manage climate transition risk; (b) encouraging energy market reform around carbon-free resources; and (c), using finance as a catalyst to implement low-carbon solutions. The Initiative will build on earlier work, on both transition risk and market reform, to identify which types of investors would be encouraged to make carbon-reducing investments; and then research new financial instruments, portfolio designs, or hedging products that could help reduce the risk and lower the financing cost of low-carbon solutions.

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