China Dialogue Trust

For Strategic Communications In China

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    12 Months
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    General Support/Program
China Dialogue seeks to inform Western audiences about the progress China has made in moving away from fossil fuels and the development of clean technologies that are aligned with promoting robust economic growth in China. The organization also informs Chinese and international audiences on both the damage caused by climate change in China and the human health toll from an over-reliance on fossil fuels. China Dialogue will work in partnership with the European Climate Foundation’s Global Strategic Climate Communications hub to further these objectives.
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15 Printing House Yard Perseverance Works, London, E2 7PR, United Kingdom
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for building and cultivating China climate reporting along the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI)  
This one-year project will lay the foundation for China Dialogue Trust to jump-start a five-year global development program; to consolidate China Dialogue’s role as a bridge between multinational players; and to continue publishing the accurate and high-quality information and analysis that serves to inform the public, climate policymakers, and private actors in China and the international community. This grant will support China Dialogue to grow the scope and impact of its critical in-depth climate/environment reporting and analysis; enhance the understanding, among partner countries from the Global South, of the risks and opportunities of China’s activities; and develop and share critical knowledge across a range of policy, science, economic, and technical strands. (Substrategy: China National Policy)
for strategic communications in China  
China Dialogue creates space within China to discuss the country’s role in addressing climate change by presenting a balanced and accurate picture of China’s internal mitigation efforts, and communicating global expectations to an audience of high-level government officials who are concerned about how the world thinks about China. China Dialogue engages opinion leaders in key sectors and countries to speak to China’s role in decarbonizing its economy and overseas investments, and works in partnership with the European Climate Foundation’s Global Strategic Climate Communications hub.

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