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Ceres seeks to organize businesses and investors to support climate mitigation policies; have those businesses institute more sustainable practices in their businesses—including through their supply chains; and organize the investment community in support of clean energy. Ceres is leading the efforts to promote the Clean Trillion. The theory is that if investments in clean energy can reach one trillion dollars a year, the market will be self-reinforcing. Ceres is also playing a critical role in helping to develop the ClimateWorks finance strategy.
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for aligning banking, asset management, and financial regulations with climate change mitigation  
Ceres will call attention to actions financial regulators can take to address the systemic risks posed by climate change. Through engagement with federal and state regulatory agencies, Ceres proposes to leverage its June 2020 report, "Addressing Climate as a Systemic Risk: A Call to Action for U.S. Financial Regulators," to increase visibility on the role of financial regulators to address climate change. (Substrategy: Climate Finance)
for general operating support  
An additional $1 trillion per year must be invested in clean energy between now and 2050 to avoid catastrophic climate impacts. Ceres is helping catalyze substantial shifts in capital by focusing on opportunity as well as risk, including moving large companies to take bold climate and clean energy action in operations, products, and supply chains, and moving investors (including insurers) to invest in clean energy.

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